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Clip Cards For Classroom Rules and Behaviors In The Classroom

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About This Product

Clip Cards For Classroom Rules and Behaviors In The Classroom:

An educational resource designed to ensure a stable, structured learning environment. The tool allows educators to highlight both acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in a visually engaging manner, ensuring clarity for all students.

  • Ideal for novice learners just starting their educational journey as well as elementary students including non-verbal ones.
  • Enables focus on essential behavior rules within the classroom while also acting as an assessment tool for rule-adherence or behavioral issues.

The set includes 28 diversified examples of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors related to the class environment. As such, it provides a broad foundation upon which children can build their understanding of proper conduct within a school setting.

  • Available in both full colour and black & white versions providing flexibility that caters efficiently to every teacher's specific needs.

Potential Uses:

  1. Incorporation into individual lessons suitable for one-on-one teaching scenarios or small classrooms where each student gets ample focus.

  2. Prompting group discussions where hypothetical situations involving good or bad behavior are presented with students identifying appropriate actions based on given scenarios.

'Clip Cards For Classroom Rules and Behaviors In The Classroom' assists educators navigating challenges posed by young learners regarding proper conduct at school, significantly reducing pre-session planning time!


  • Catered towards Pre-school going children, kindergartners and those from Grades 1 - 2.
  • An easy-to-use PDF-file type activity under the category 'Special Resources'.
  • It enhances Social Emotional Learning among children- deepening their understanding of personal conduct reflecting respect towards self and others within social spaces like classrooms.

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