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Rules of Recess Clip Cards for Understanding Playground Rules

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Rules of Recess Clip Cards for Understanding Playground Rules

This is an adaptable and practical teaching resource ideal for educators in public schools, homeschooling scenarios, and other educational settings. These interactive clip cards serve a dual purpose:

  • Establishing playground norms
  • Delineating acceptable behaviors during recess times

A Resource that Caters to a Broad Range of Learners

This tool aids students from young ones who have just started their schooling journey to elementary students who may be non-verbal. Its primary utility lies beyond being an educational tool; it also doubles up as an assessment tool.

A Package Provided Within

This package includes 27 full-color or black-and-white cards featuring various positive and negative behavioral scenarios often encountered at recess time.

Pedagogical Potential Beyond Regular Classroom Instruction

The cards prove useful during individual learning sessions or when used with non-verbal pupils. They can be effectively employed in special education classrooms where social emotional learning holds increased prominence.

Convenience For Teachers: Low-Preparation Required

Rely on the low-preparation required by these well-designed clip cards.

Social Emotional Learning Focus (SEL) Utilize these tools to help young learners navigate complex emotions better - both during structured activities like 'Recess' and unstructured playtimes!

What's Included

What's Included?

❤️ 27 Recess Behaviors (Positive and Negative)

❤️ Black and White Version

❤️Full Color Version

A PDF with 20 pages.

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recess rules clip cards playground behavior social-emotional learning behavior management

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