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Lunch Rules, Behaviors and Manners Clip Cards

About This Product

Lunch Rules, Behaviors and Manners Clip Cards

These Lunch Rules Clips Cards are an unparalleled teaching supplement aimed at fostering commendable behaviors and manners in students during lunch time. Designed meticulously to cater to all possible student eating environment, this tool is valuable for both classroom lunches as well as proper canteen decorum.

Through these clip cards, students are informed about the acceptable and unacceptable behavior patterns at school. The adaptability of the cards ensures that educators can customize their utilization according to different scenarios like whole group learning sessions, small group harmonizing activities or even as engaging homework assignments.

  • The product is an asset for elementary school children who might be new to a learning environment or who could benefit from clear behavioral direction during mealtimes.
  • Doubles up as a discreet assessment mechanism helping teachers in pinpointing those students grappling with maintaining appropriate manners during unstructured intervals like lunch.
  • This unique resource also encompasses children who may be non-verbal by offering them a method through which they can physically indicate appropriate or inappropriate mealtime actions.

The package brings along 31 recess behavior indicators emphasizing both positive and negative actions. Mindful of printing resources while focussing on enhancing user experience, options for black-and-white printing along with vibrant full-color versions are included in the clip card offerings.

The assortment primarily benefits preschoolers through Grade 1 learners engaged towards honing their social emotional learning aspects along with specific consideration for children having special education needs (SEN). This distinctive selection prompts natural development of pivotal life skills such as social abilities alongside providing structured classroom management processes too.

  1. Variety of Application modes- solo lessons primarily focused on SEL components complimented by guidance directions regarding standard classroom rules to supplement your teaching curriculum without overwhelming budding learners.
  2. Practical Engagement- minimalistic prep requirement ensuring smooth integration of the tools into routine teaching, making it convenient for educators.

All required files are delivered in a universally compatible PDF format adding simplicity and convenience while accessing Lunch Rules, Behaviors and Manners Clip Cards.

What's Included

What's Included?

❤️ 31 Recess Behaviors (Positive and Negative)

❤️ Black and White Version

❤️Full Color Version

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