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Close Reading and Annotation Mini Unit

Close Reading and Annotation Mini Unit
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Close Reading and Annotation Mini Unit

This is an educational resource designed to equip teachers with crucial reading and analyzing skills. Its flexibility allows it to be incorporated into lesson plans at any time of the academic year. It is primarily structured for secondary school students; however, the content can also be adapted across other grades.

Reiterating and emphasizing already-acquired close reading skills in a fresh context helps students recognize their own abilities. This Mini Unit supports critical 21st-century learning abilities that are vital across all disciplines, making it a versatile teaching tool.

Four Days Lesson Plan

  • Day One: Introduction with close reading analysis of photography combined with an introduction annotation anchor chart.
  • Day Two: Vibrant close reading activities involving several stations.
  • Day Three:Tactful demonstration by teachers on how to strategically use the tool incorporating two-column notes while reviewing varied methodologies.
  • Last Day:Holistic student practice of previously taught techniques from first three days.

No less than 14 graphic organizers specifically crafted for lesson three are provided. Their wide application scope covers whole-group instruction down to small-group/parenthood learning activities or even homework assignments as per teacher's preference!

Inclusion from Larger Bundle - '21st Century Skills'

This mini unit also includes content from a larger bundle named '21st Century Skills'. A package more expansively focused on developing future-proof employability proficiency which would greatly aid students in facing real-world challenges post-school years.

Miscellaneous Information
*File Type:*
This product file is in PDF format for ease of digital access and printing.
*Suitable Grades:*
The content is applicable across grades 6-9.
*Subject Area:*
The primary focus area is Language arts with specific strategy execution. Additional resource references have been kept separate to avoid cluttering the product description.

What's Included

- Detailed lesson plans

- Guided notes sheet

- Editable PowerPoint

- Final assessment

- Editable rubric

- 14 graphic organizers

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close reading annotation mini unit critical thinking skills graphic organizers

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