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Coffee Kids Feeling Faces Menu-- Reference Poster and Feelings Chart

Coffee Kids Feeling Faces Menu-- Reference Poster and Feelings Chart
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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

The Coffee Kids Feeling Faces Menu: An Engaging Teaching Resource

The Coffee Kids Feeling Faces Menu is a significant, alluring, and practicable teaching tool. It has been created for teachers, homeschooling parents and significantly aids students in discerning, distinguishing and understanding a variety of emotions they undergo.

Key Features

  • This chart displays ten assorted emotions with each emotion labeled next to an appealing character projecting the respective facial expression- facilitating easy emotion identification for pupils.
  • A precious resource for pre-school children entering their emotional learning phase, it also proves useful for nonverbal students.
  • It can be implemented effectively in various contexts - individual lessons or groups and can serve as a convenient reference poster within classrooms or offices.
Homeschool Utility: Homeschooling parents will find this chart beneficial in shaping their child's emotional well-being by reminding them about different feelings amidst everyday activities or blending them into other emotional learning drills at home.

The full-color and black-and-white variants add to its user-friendliness depending on your requirements. This handy course aid while introducing new emotions to kids facilitates daily student check-ins making it crucial during any lesson revolving around understanding emotions. Convenience is guaranteed owing to its PDF version accessible across multiple digital platforms whether at school or home environments.

Use Case: Social Emotional Learning educators & Life Skills trainers could utilize this valuable resource while dealing with young learners from ages preschool up through Grade 1 helping them grasp complex feelings using these simple yet profound printable Emotions Menus better!

In conclusion, through the direct correlation between key interests depicted via themed characters expressing varied moods on these feeling menus; you're taking steps towards cultivating emotionally sound learners!

What's Included


⭐Emotions Menu- Full Color

⭐Emotions Menu- Black and White

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