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Coin Counting Poster

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About This Product

Coin Counting Poster

The Coin Counting Poster is an engaging tool tailored to students in grades 1 to 3, including Preschool and Kindergarten. Primarily used during early math lessons, this effective educational package supports learners in mastering coin counting from the numbers 0 to 10.

Artistic and Engaging

Besides its functional attributes, the Coin Counting Poster brings a creative edge into learning. It features hand-painted watercolor flashcards that connect practical currency knowledge with artistic visuals. These colorful portrayals not only make the learning process vibrant but are also familiar to children representing everyday coins they come across.

Digital Structure at A4 Size Format

This product's PNG format allows for versatile implementation within the classroom setting.
  • Distribute digital copies for individual online assignments or showcase on screens for whole-class instruction.
  • Ease of printing- teachers can laminate these durable posters for small-group activities and center rotations.

Incorporating Broader Subject Learning

The Coin Counting Poster seamlessly integrates with other subjects such as Social Studies. It triggers discussions about basic economic principles while cultivating vital life skills associated with financial concepts at an early age.

Homeschool Friendly Tool
The straightforward methodology coupled with flexible pacing adjustments makes this resource advantageous even for homeschoolers embarked on their unique learning journeys. The Coin Counting poster proves itself as a valuable addition both as part of your teaching resources collection and in contributing towards refining your student's mathematical abilities.

What's Included

You will receive a digital download file in PNG format sized to A4 ready to print.

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