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Community Helpers Pocket Chart Game

Community Helpers Pocket Chart Game
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About This Product

Community Helpers Pocket Chart Game

Support your students’ learning with this Community Helpers Pocket Chart Game. This resource was specifically designed to sharpen students’ letter and number identification.

What You Get: (included in color and black and white) 

A 15-page printable PDF. The PDF will include activity cards and a title cover option with directions to use for the bin that you store the cards in.

How to Use the Community Helpers Pocket Chart Game:

Kids love this carpet game. I set it up as part of our circle time or whole group lessons, and kids beg to play it over and over. This game works great with a community helpers, safety, or career thematic unit and helps students learn to identify numbers 0-10 or 0-20 depending on how many cards you set out. This also works great as an uppercase letter and lowercase letter alphabet review activity.

Set up is simple: Print, cut, and laminate. I store my pocket chart games in Ziploc bags and keep them in a tub under my easel.

To play: Set up letter cards behind each community helper card. You will sing a song. The student you called will come up and point to a community helper card. The class will say the number on the card. The teacher will lift the card revealing a letter card.

Enrichment: I like to really make this game pack a learning punch by asking students the animal colors, having them draw numbers in the air or on their hands with a finger, asking them how many cards are left, and asking them to hold up that many fingers in different ways. These quick variations keep the game exciting as well.

I hope you enjoy!!

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