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Community Helpers Week-Long Lesson Plan Template

Community Helpers Week-Long Lesson Plan Template
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About This Product

As a preschool teacher, you know just how important it is to provide your young learners with a rich learning experience. From hands-on learning to student-led activities, we know how critical it can be to prepare in advance. A day with a classroom full of preschool students can escape you quickly! Even though plans always change, beginning the day (and week) with a lesson plan can keep you guided in the right direction. If you are searching for week-long lesson plans, there are many for you to enjoy in my store.


What You Get


This is a Community Helpers Week-Long Lesson Plan Template. This is an editable graphic organizer that is designed in Microsoft Word. There will be sections for each day of the week. The components included for each day are:

-- Circle Time

-- Movement

-- Art

-- Science

-- Language / Literacy

-- Dramatic Play

-- Math

-- Construction

-- Enrichments / Special


How To Utilize This Template


Use this Community Helpers Week-Long Lesson Plan Template as a concrete step stone to guide your instruction with your preschool students. As you consider each potential activity included, think about the resources that you have readily available to implement them. You’ll also want to consider the temperament of your classroom and how well they may or may not respond to certain activities and instruction. Finally, you’ll think about the background knowledge they may already collectively have on the topic. With all of these things in mind, you can take away activities and replace them with new ones. You can find ways to extend activities that you know they will especially benefit from. Because this is a completely editable template, you can type (or write) additional notes to support your planning each day of the week.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

An editable 2-page Word Document

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