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Coping Skills Jeopardy Review Game Show | Coping Skills Lesson

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About This Product

This engaging and interactive review game is the perfect way to teach kids different self regulation activities and calming strategies, while reviewing their knowledge of different coping skills! This no-prep coping skill lesson is the perfect way to teach and review different calming strategies that kids can use when they feel dysregulated. With digital and printable copies of the game, you can use this resource for individual lessons, small groups, and whole class lessons!

Category Names:

⭐Name It-- A Coping skill will be pictured or described and students have to guess what the strategy is

⭐ Act It Out-- A coping skill is listed and students must act out the strategy

⭐Good Or Bad? -- Students will be given a situation and they have to figure out if the student in the situation used a healthy coping strategy or unhealthy coping strategy

⭐ What Kind? A coping skill will be listed and students will have to choose which of the 4 calming strategies it belongs to (multiple choice)

⭐Regulation Risk-- Any question can be placed here, but if students get it wrong, they lose the points they would have earned

What's Included?

❤️ Google Slides Game Show

❤️ Printable Version with 25 different Trivia Cards

Some Ideas for Use Are:

⭐Individual Lessons To Review Different Coping Skills

⭐ Calming Strategy Small Groups

⭐ Whole Class Lesson on Coping Skills

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