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Copy Cat (Echo Art) Drawing Prompts

Copy Cat (Echo Art) Drawing Prompts
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About This Product

Discover the exciting world of copy art, also known as echo art, with the Copy Cat Challenge – a phenomenal digital educational resource aimed at enhancing your students' creativity and fine motor skills through a fun drawing activity. This versatile resource is perfect for individual art time or group work, making it effortlessly adaptable to various teaching scenarios.

The Copy Cat Challenge features two colored and two black-and-white drawing prompts, plus blank templates to customize unique challenges that cater specifically to your students' interests. Dive into essential elements of art – lines, shapes, patterns – while challenging your learners to replicate intricate details found within each prompt.

Ideal for sub days, early finishers, brain breaks and homeschooling projects; this creative tool enhances any educator's lesson plans. Not only will students develop familiarity with styles and techniques while engaging in copy art activities but they'll also bolster their muscle memory through consistent practice.

Go even further by encouraging your students to create their own artworks for others to replicate! Watch them hone vital motor skills and relish the sense of accomplishment as they progress on their artistic journey.

Bring out that spark of creativity in your classroom today by embracing the power of echo art with the Copy Cat Challenge! Designed exclusively for personal and educational use only.

What's Included

2 Color + 2 B/W Drawing Prompts.

Blank Prompts to Create Your Own.

Terms of Use Page.

For Personal and Educational Use Only.

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