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Copy (Echo) Art Drawing Prompts

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About This Product

Copy art drawing prompts are simple but require focus and attention to detail, which helps with fine motor and critical thinking skills. They are also known as echo art. There are 40 drawing prompts in total in color, black and white, and blank ones, an intro page, and 3 differentiated lined writing pages. The blank prompts are for you or your students to create your own copy art (2 versions, full color and black and white with a hint of color). Student's are able to work on drawing skills. Great for homeschool, brain breaks, sub days, and early finishers.

What are the benefits of copying art? There are many benefits in copying art such as developing familiarity with styles and techniques while engaging in copy art activities, bolstering muscle memory through consistent practice, promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills, nurturing creativity, encouraging imagination, igniting creativity and confidence, pencil grip practice for younger artists, and developing a keen sense of detail.

Included in this download:

10 Drawing Prompts (Printer Friendly Version).

10 Drawing Prompts (Colorful Background Version).

20 Blank Drawing Prompts (Printer Friendly and Color Version).

3 Differentiated Writing Pages.

1 Intro/Mini Lesson Page.

For Personal and Educational Use Only.

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Thank you for supporting Doodle Thinks and downloading this resource! Have fun drawing!

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