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Country Farmhouse Classroom Decor Number Line 0-100

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About This Product

Country Farmhouse Classroom Decor Number Line 0-100

This beautifully laid out learning tool is one that marries functionality and style. The Country Farmhouse Classroom Decor Number Line 0-100 is a vibrant educational aid that features a charming design with French ticking stripes, wooden backgrounds, chalkboard elements, string lights and attractive watercolor foliage. This creates a soothing and inviting learning atmosphere in harmonizing shades of gray, navy, and neutrals.

Designed for Young Learners

Created especially for early learners - from preschool to the third grade - this teaching resource serves as an excellent tool for visual learners. It proficiently introduces counting by ones from 0 to 100 while also incorporating skip counting by twos, fives, and tens – all neatly packaged into one comprehensive resource for enjoyable math lessons.

Versatile Usage

  • Whole Group Teaching: The number line can easily be used as a teaching material during whole group sessions where numbers are introduced sequentially or through skip counting on the interactive board or wall display.
  • Small Groups: Its versatility shines when used within small groups where concrete objects can be utilized to better understand different numbering systems through hands-on activities.

Suitable Themes

This decor fits seamlessly within back-to-school themes or holiday-themed study sessions. Teachers will find it beneficial as it augments their list of effective educational resources while providing students with an engaging visual aid that enhances numeracy skills along with aesthetic appreciation.

Note:The Country Farmhouse Classroom Decor Number Line comes in a PDF format making printing easy for immediate use.

In conclusion, this artful yet insightful teaching accessory not only aids in developing young learners’ mathematical skills but also upgrades your class decor. It's a valuable resource for both public school teachers and homeschooling parents.

What's Included

Includes number line for 0-100 and counting by twos, fives, and tens!

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