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Current Electricity - Batteries and Voltage Fully Resourced Lesson

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Current Electricity - Batteries and Voltage Fully Resourced Lesson

This paramount teaching resource provides educators with a comprehensive guide to instruct students, particularly in grades 5 to 9, about the concepts of current electricity. It poses intriguing questions such as "Does the number of batteries in a circuit affect its voltage?"

The package helps students in:

  • Identifying positive and negative terminals on batteries,
  • Understanding how batteries are interconnected,
  • Explaining how battery chemicals provide energy that electrons carry across a circuit.

Included also is an insightful session guiding learners through creating data-visualizing bar graphs.

Liberally Inclusive Learning Aids

This resource kit includes the following:

  1. 14 pupil resources
  2. Two PowerPoints—can be used during whole group instruction or small group lessons
  3. .
Customizable Package for Diverse Learning Needs Incorporating Literacy Skills Development.

Evaluative Tools Incorporated for Comprehensive learning Progression Tracking:

Key facets include:
  • (Self-assessment) Equip students with insight into their own learning progress.

  • A valuable note!
    Promoting community-driven learning experiences, peer assessment enables learners to support one another's academic journey.
    A teacher assessment ensures effective monitoring of individual student progression.
The genius behind this package is its formidable versatility!

The packet not only serves as standalone supplies for one whole lesson but can also be incorporated seamlessly among eleven related topics providing exhaustive coverage on current electricity.

In response to the growing need for online learning aids, a distance learning version of this kit is also accessible.

Empower Your Students Today

Invest in this fully resourced lesson pack and set your students on their path of homogeneous science exploration. Achieving academic goals compellingly and instructively has never been more attainable!

What's Included

Resources include elements of iteracy, oracy, self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment. These are clearly marked on the flow-chart.

One PowerPoint is richly animated for teaching and includes a fully animated exit-ticket quiz. The other is a detailed answer and mark scheme for all classwork and homework sheets to enable easy self-assessment and peer assessment.

There are 14 differentiated learning outcomes for this pack – please see preview.

Full instructions for use are given on each resource.

With foldable, cut-and-stick and fact sheet included this pack is also suitable for schools using interactive notebooks.

This pack is effective as a stand-alone topic but is also a part of a suite of 11 topics and an enquiry. If you are contemplating purchasing more than one topic please see preview of module content to see where this lesson fits in.

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