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Daily Health & Hygiene Skills Gr. 6-12 - Canadian Content

Daily Health & Hygiene Skills Gr. 6-12 - Canadian Content
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Life Skills



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About This Product

Daily Health & Hygiene Skills Gr. 6-12 - Canadian Content: An engaging and educative resource designed explicitly for students in Grades 6 through 12, focusing on necessary daily health and hygiene skills.
  • Comprises a combination of reading passages, graphic organizers, real-world activities, puzzles, and quizzes.
  • Designed with lower vocabulary levels for better comprehension.
  • Main Educational Focus:
    • Nutrition: Learning about healthy eating and meal planning. Understanding food groups' contribution to general health.
    • Fitness: Importance of physical exercise along with diet for overall wellbeing. Encouraging students to plan personal fitness routines.
    • Dental & Personal Care: Essential grooming practices including dental care are explained in an accessible manner. This also includes aspects like home maintenance skills fostering self-dependency among learners.

    • Additional Features:
    • Safety Measures:Educates about personal safety during commutation or travel and raises awareness about the dangers associated with prescription drug abuse.
    • Social Engagement:Covers themes related to community engagement that aid interpersonal development while instilling a sense of social responsibility in learners.
      Based on Provincial Standards following Bloom's Taxonomy Approach:

      The resource is aligned according to different cognitive skills as identified by Bloom's approach making it suitable for usage across different circumstances – whether it is whole group instruction by educators or individualized assignments targeted at learners with specific needs; even homeschooled children can benefit from this resource.

      The resource is primarily categorized under Life Skills, making it a versatile pedagogic tool. It is available in easily downloadable PDF format ensuring high usability.

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