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Daily Marketplace Skills: Menu Math & Grocery Shopping Math - Google Slides Gr. 6-12 (SPED)

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About This Product

Daily Marketplace Skills: Menu Math & Grocery Shopping Math - Google Slides Gr. 6-12 (SPED)

Designed as an enlightening educational resource and primarily focused on practical math skills related to money management, this tool supports the development of real-life abilities integrating vital mathematical applications into everyday marketplace scenarios.

Key Features Include:
  • Low-vocabulary yet high-interest content making it highly accessible, engaging, and easily comprehendible for all students.
  • Fostering comprehension in fiscal subjects with reading passages and intriguing drag-and-drop activities.
  • An exclusive start-up manual that guides educators through effective use application in classrooms besides providing answer keys corresponding with the activities included in the slides document.

The glamorous world of dining out and the mundane routine of grocery shopping combine through engaging exercises that teach students about financial mathematics. Equipping them with skills to calculate restaurant menu items and grocery prices accurately!

Flexible Learning Environments:

This powerful teaching aid aligns with state standards as well as Bloom’s Taxonomy offering reproducible content. Suitable for a whole class discussion on budgeting or smaller group exercises to design mock restaurant menus and calculate purchase totals.

Digital Learning Made Easy :

A special feature is its format - hosted on Google Slides, accessible for anyone with a Google email account. This allows teachers to share these interactive slides remotely— an especially ideal setup for distance learning environments.

Inclusive Package :

Included inside this expansive toolbox are reading passages fostering comprehension in fiscal subjects along interesting drag-and-drop activities plus an exclusive start-up manual! These are all contained conveniently inside one PDF file format ready for manipulation according to each educator's preference—a valuable investment towards building financially literate citizens capable of wise market decisions.

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