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Die Kardinalzahlen

Die  Kardinalzahlen
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About This Product

Embark on a comprehensive and enriching journey through the world of German cardinal numbers with this meticulously designed Die Kardinalzahlen lesson. With its expansive content, this lesson ensures a thorough introduction to cardinal numbers and their pronunciation.

Beginning with the foundational numbers one to ten, students will engage in dialogues to confidently express their telephone numbers. Subsequently, the Die Kardinalzahlen lesson progresses to numbers from 10 to 20, accompanied by immersive listening exercises involving flight numbers. As the lesson advances, students will explore numbers from 21 to 100, honing their skills by articulating their birth year and navigating the realm of billions.

The captivating PowerPoint presentation of Die Kardinalzahlen comprises an impressive 112 PPSX slides, meticulously curated to provide approximately four hours of engaging classroom instruction. The color-coded sentences, complemented by audio and captivating imagery, facilitate enhanced vocabulary retention. Guided by the teacher's expertise, the lesson will unfold at a pace conducive to optimal student comprehension and engagement.

The interactive activities incorporated throughout the Die Kardinalzahlen lesson invite students to actively practice articulating large numbers, expressing years, and engaging in mathematical operations. With its comprehensive approach, this Die Kardinalzahlen lesson is poised to empower students to confidently navigate the realm of German cardinal numbers.

What's Included

This lesson is delivered as a powerpoint presentation show file

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