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Differentiated Book Reports for the Year (Online Version)

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Grade 6

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About This Product

READING and WRITING TASKS play a pivotal role in a child's learning journey. These Versatile Annual Book Reports are ideal for sixth-graders and are designed to accommodate various learning preferences, appealing to all your students. Each month, students will engage with a specific genre of book and deliver a report in a unique and imaginative manner. These aren't your typical book reports.

To facilitate your assessment process, a grading rubric is provided along with the book reports.

Compelling activities comprise:

Designing a book jacket

Creating Web Images

Experiencing time travel

Collaborating with a partner to craft a skit

Doing Detective Work

Writing a postcard to the author

Becoming a talk show host

Exploring story elements

Becoming a movie critic

Creating a play

Here's what people have to say about the Versatile Annual Book Reports:

♥"Appreciate these ideas! My students find them enjoyable!" - Erin F

♥"An innovative approach to book reports that are engaging and meaningful!" - Anne Rozell

♥"Inventive book report ideas, thank you!" - ZippadeeZazz

♥"This is going to save me an incredible amount of time! Much appreciated!" - Elementary at HEART

♥"Such a diverse array of book report ideas! Excellent resource! Many thanks!" - One Arts Infusion Collaborative

♥"Inventive strategies to explore multiple genres throughout the year with your class." - Jim Hansen

♥"This activity was well-organized, useful, and stimulating for my special ed students. They loved working in teams and individually. It offered an excellent review and lots of practice. THANK YOU!"

The Following Items are Included

A different GENRE for each month of the school year so that your students will have an understanding of the different types of reading material out there.

☻Historical Fiction
☻Science Fiction

These activities will give you time to do other things because they’re no prep. All you have to do is copy them and add your own due dates.

When I first began to have my students write book reports, They were to list the characters, setting, theme, short plot, problem, conclusion. Unfortunately, this was so BOOORRING for me to read and the students to do.  Consequently, they hated writing book reports. Then an awesome colleague shared this idea with me and I’m so thankful he did. Fortunately, it made the assignment more enjoyable for all of us.

Who is this resource for?

☻ 6th Grade Students
☻ Can also be used at the Elementary level
☻ Special Education Students
☻ Homeschooling

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Lessons to be remembered after they’ve left your classroom.

Copyright©2016 Deann Marin (Socrates Lantern)

If you have any questions concerning this resource, please contact Deann Marin at

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