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Digestive System Unit | Anatomy and Physiology

Digestive System Unit | Anatomy and Physiology
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Digestive System Unit | Anatomy and Physiology is a comprehensive educational resource designed for education facilitators, such as public school teachers and homeschoolers.
  • An in-depth exploration of the human digestive system.
  • Applicable to Anatomy and Physiology courses as well as Biology.
  • A holistic package including PowerPoints presentations, editable Cornell-style notes, laboratory activities, writing assignments and assessments with answers.

Easy implementation to various settings

This teaching resource provides:
  • Five PowerPoint presentations divided into three note-taking sessions (employing the Cornell method) and two reviews for everyday content reinforcement.
  • - Accompanied by tailored unit outlines suggesting day-by-day instruction covering all aspects of the digestive system in approximately 10-11 days.

Laboratory Activities include:

    - An earthworm dissection lab: Conducive interactive learning session providing hands-on anatomy experience.
    - 'The Examination of Teeth and Mouth Lab': Helps students grasp digestion initiation from the mouth better.
A unique Digestive System writing assignment: Promotes critical thinking skills assessing student understanding course material. - Also included is a comprehensive unit test supported by review features ensuring adequate preparation before evaluations - And there's an engaging crossword puzzle served with answer keys catering to fast pace learners. Although supplementation using classroom/digital resources are advised, required material complementation uses The Anatomy Coloring Book (Kapit & Elson) thereby blending passive reading tasks with active kinesthetic learning.
Catering for diverse learner types - English Learners(EL) through to advanced students this Digestive System Unit | Anatomy & Physiology offers flexibility suiting multiple teaching methods whether it be direct whole group instruction, small group collaborative learning, or independent homework assignments.

What's Included

This product includes the following:

• 5 power point presentations with 3 for students to take Cornell style notes and 2 review power points that can be used on a daily basis for content reinforcement

• A suggested day by day unit outline

• The “Examination of the Teeth and Mouth Lab”

• The “Earthworm Dissection Lab”

• A Digestive System writing assignment

• A unit test, test review, blank test answer sheet

• A crossword puzzle and associated answer key.

(This unit takes approximately 10-11 days, but times may vary)

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