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Dino Park Mini Unit

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Grade 2, 3



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About This Product

The Dino Park Mini Unit: An Integrated Grade 2 and 3 Teaching Resource

This multifaceted teaching resource, suitable for Grade 2 and Grade 3 students, blends language arts, math, and science within a three day unit. It allows students to immerse themselves into a variety of interconnected subjects centered around their interest-dinosaurs.

Comprehensive Subject Incorporation:

  • Math: Students will encounter array activities to aid their understanding of complex mathematical concepts. Fraction-based studies are seamlessly integrated into lessons as well.
  • Natural Sciences: The unit provides an opportunity to delve into life cycles by focusing on chickens. Additionally, essentials of paleontology including fossils and rocks are covered.
  • Language Arts: The students will use the information they have gathered throughout the unit to create detailed life cycle diagrams which ultimately boosts their creative capacity.

The Dino Park Mini Unit is available in an easy-to-access .PDF file type. You can download it onto your device immediately after purchase thereby availing you hassle-free usage at your convenience.

An Exciting Learning Adventure Await!

The included materials aim at enlivening classrooms whilst embedding fundamental academic skills within learners - All under the fascinating guise of dinosaurs! Prepare your classroom for this unforgettable journey back in time through our engaging 'Dino Park' adventure today!

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Dinosaurs Paleontology Life Cycles Array Math Creative Writing

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