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Donald Trump - ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheet, Activities and Lesson Plan

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Introduce your ESL students to the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, with this engaging and high-quality reading comprehension worksheet. Regardless of personal opinions about him, learning about this influential figure in recent history will provide valuable cultural and political context for your students.

This comprehensive lesson plan is designed to help upper-intermediate/advanced ESL students (approx. B2/C1) practice and enhance their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills using the communicative method.

This Donald Trump reading comprehension worksheet includes:

  1. - Pre-reading warm-up questions: Begin your lesson with thought-provoking warm-up questions that activate your students' background knowledge and set the stage for the main reading material.

  2. - Reading comprehension questions: Provide students with an informative text about Donald Trump, followed by a series of comprehension questions to ensure they have understood the key points and to reinforce their reading skills.

  3. - Vocabulary matching activity: Enhance your students' understanding and retention of new vocabulary words encountered in the reading material through an interactive matching activity.

  4. - Post-reading discussions: Facilitate engaging and critical discussions based on the reading material, encouraging students to share their opinions, thoughts, and reflections on the 45th President of the United States.

  5. - Post-reading memorization and summarizing speaking task: Enhance students' speaking and memorization skills by having them summarize key points from the reading material in their own words and share them with the class.

  6. - Essay writing: Challenge your students to further develop their writing skills by crafting an essay related to the reading material, promoting critical thinking and effective communication.

This reading comprehension lesson is designed to take approximately 45-60 minutes but can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs. By incorporating a variety of activities and focusing on all four key language skills, this worksheet ensures a dynamic and effective learning experience for your ESL students. Equip them with essential cultural knowledge while improving their English language skills with this comprehensive Donald Trump reading comprehension worksheet.

*Last updated November 2022

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