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Ecosystems Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning Ready

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Ecosystems Lesson - Google Slides and Distance Learning Ready

This comprehensive digital teaching resource is designed to facilitate the interactive teaching and learning of vital ecological concepts. It seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, perfect for in-class or remote instruction.

Package Inclusions

  • Both student and teacher versions presented in Google Slides and PowerPoint formats.
  • All associated documents provided in both Word documents and Google Doc versions.

The Ecosystems Lesson covers a range of fundamental subjects including:

  • Abiotic/Biotic Elements
  • Populations
  • Communities
Included is also:

Ideal for traditional classroom setups, small group sessions or home-based tutoring. An automatic link generation after purchase ensures quick setup: straight into your Google Drive!

The package also includes:
  1. A student worksheet encouraging active participation during lessons, reinforcing learnt concepts.

Bonus Features:

* Embedded videos within presentation enhance student engagement without being overly wordy.
* Free one-week unlimited access privilege to other resources with every purchase!
* Convenient Exit Ticket link on the last slide for clear assessment of learning outcomes.

An expansive range of study materials are included – making this product a solid cornerstone in teaching ecology in any educational setting.

What's Included

Included in the Lesson Package is:

- Google and Office versions of each resource

- The teacher version

- The student version

- Videos embedded into the presentation

- Student worksheet

- Student lesson handout

- 4-question Exit Ticket

Resource Tags

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