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EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Snow Day

An educational teaching resource from Intrepid Speech Therapy Materials entitled EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Snow Day downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Snow Day: A Game-changer for Educators

EDITABLE Digital Visual Schedules with Tokens - Snow Day is a transformative teaching tool designed to facilitate the effective use of visual cues. Primarily aimed at enhancing predictability, structure, and positive reinforcement in speech therapy sessions, this multi-faceted resource stands out.

The interactive PDF design masterly marries elements of typical token boards and visual schedules, offering an insightful tool that aids in efficient planning and execution of speech therapy sessions. Thanks to its myriad editable features, you can diversify your approach to maintain a stimulating educational environment.

Incredible Usability Scope

A distinguishing feature of this digital schedule is its adaptability for various modes of usage. Teletherapy sessions are transformed into more engaging experiences using this resource. It's perfect for dynamic educators conducting online or non-traditional classes.

Exciting Customizable Features

  • Navigational Links: Clickable links ease navigation around the schedule.
  • Image Boxes: Fill these sections with your preferred screenshots effortlessly.
  • ChecBoxes: Facilitates tracking students' task progression effectively by checking off completed tasks .
  • Ffillable Text Boxes: Offers a straightforward way to insert personalized labels swiftly!
  • Reward System: Clickable rewards spark joy among students while boosting their motivation!

This resource proves useful across different settings whether in group classes following one schedule collectively, small groups targeting specific tasks or individual homework assignments assisting students follow through tasks at home efficaciously!

Note:The schedules cater primarily for preschoolers all through 2nd graders focusing on multiple subjects like language arts among others needing structured guidance.

Accessible on Any Device

The PDF file format offers broad device compatibility, ensuring seamless access whether during the lesson's planning phase or actual execution stages.

What's Included

Clickable Navigation Links

Clickable Image Boxes (Easily insert your own screen-shots)

Checkable Boxes

Fillable Boxes (Easily type labels)

Clickable Rewards

Resource Tags

visual schedules digital resource token board interactive PDF flexible usability

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