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Editable Gym Layout Form

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About This Product

This resource is an Editable Gym Layout Form.

There is a 1-slide form meant to be used for planning lessons for your gym class.

This graphic organizer will help you decide the layout of your gym room when implementing activities, exercises and games.

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For games - Plan includes a number of text boxes with headings and subheadings that correspond to the unique PE planning and structural procedures. It incorporates a wide variety of critical lesson plan components that are important for teaching large group games.

games provide opportunities for students to improve their catching, throwing, kicking, striking, running, goal keeping, tracking, dodging, tagging, reaction time, cardiovascular endurance, teamwork, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, accuracy & agility. One great thing about these games is that students can be placed in ability groups that consider developmental skill and fitness factors to help keep the games fair, even and safe for all.


Detailed Instructions in an Easy-to-Understand Lesson Plan Format, FUN and ENGAGING, Set-Up Diagrams Included, Use Year After Year, Great for Developing a Variety of PE Skills

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 1 editable slide

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gym layout editable forms physical education PE lesson plan

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