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Editable Sudoko Game Self-Checking Template Digital Activity V4

Editable Sudoko Game Self-Checking Template Digital Activity V4
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About This Product

Are you in search of innovative strategies to stimulate your students that are self-regulating, self-validating, and offer instantaneous feedback? Our 12-Question Picture Sudoku (Volume 4) Template for Google Sheets simplifies the process of generating your unique, self-grading, and self-validating exercises! This Google Sheet template is already pre-set for you. Simply insert your content (questions) and corresponding answers to get started.

Let's delve into how it operates:

  • - In this autonomous grading and checking activity, students respond to questions, subsequently uncovering portions of a Picture Sudoku puzzle.

  • - Correct solutions turn green, and the students' score is accordingly updated.

  • - In contrast, incorrect responses turn red, leaving their score unaffected.

  • - After resolving the question, students input their answers into the corresponding cell.

  • - When they correctly answer five questions, a part of the Sudoku solution becomes visible.

  • - However, if a question is answered incorrectly, the response turns red and no additional section of the game board is revealed.

  • - Upon completion of all the questions, students are tasked with dragging and dropping the remaining pieces to finish the Picture Sudoku challenge.

  • - The enclosed spreadsheet is designed to accept up to two responses. This product is suitable for all subjects and grade levels.

The package comprises:

⭐ Comprehensive Instructions (both written and video versions)

⭐ Picture Sudoku Self-Checking and Self-Grading Google Sheet Template equipped with 12 Questions and their respective Answers

Essential Information:

These digital tools have been developed using Google Sheets. A free Google account is necessary for access. It's worth noting that this product is incompatible with Microsoft Excel.

This resource requires minimal preparation! Simply insert your content, make some personal adjustments, and it's all set to assign to your students!

This resource is ideal for:

Teachers in search of engaging activities Teachers seeking strategies to differentiate instruction and scaffold learning for students Teachers across any subject or content area Teachers aiming to provide students with immediate feedback

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