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Electricity and Current - Google Slides and PowerPoint

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Grade 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

Electricity and Current - Google Slides and PowerPoint:

A comprehensive educational resource dedicated to integrating knowledge about 'Electricity and Current' into the minds of young students. This product features:

  • An interactive presentation available in both Google Slides and PowerPoint formats, accessible from virtually anywhere.
  • An embedded Bill Nye video meant for supercharging student understanding through visual explanation.
  • A complementary worksheet with included answers, drastically cutting down prep time for educators.
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The content covered is extensive, aimed at providing holistic understanding on electricity related topics like:

  1. The practical usage of electricity in our daily lives.
  2. A basic introduction to atoms—building blocks of everything around us!
  3. Description on different types of electricity - current & static, along with an overview on circuit types.
  4. Coulombs- diving deeper into the nuances of electrical measurements.
'Auto-graded Exit Ticket':

An innovative feature which facilitates timely assessment after each lesson catering to different teaching styles - wrap-up activity or homework assignment alike ensuring effective comprehension evaluations throughout.

Ease Of Integration:

No matter your teaching methodology—in-person or distance learning—or even if you’re a substitute teacher looking for a resource; this product easily embeds itself aligning perfectly with existing plans. Provided in multiple versions catering various user preferences including Google Docs/Word format easing accessibility whilst combating formatting issues effectively making it adaptable on any device be it school computer or personal device at home used by teachers/students alike.
Maintaining Student Engagement:

The student version specifically keeps learners engaged during lessons with its thoughtful placement of fill-in-the-blank questions—ensuring continuous student involvement without overwhelming them.

Perfectly fits within the Physical Science curriculum catering to Grade 8-10 learners; a valuable addition promising illumination on this fundamentally important scientific topic.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-5 Word docs

-2 PowerPoints

-2 PDFs

In order, the lesson covers:

How /where it’s used

Review of the atom

Overview of current and static electricity

Types of circuits


Included in the lesson package is:

Google and Office versions of the presentation and all documents

The teacher version of the presentation

The student version of the presentation

Ohms Law Worksheet with answers

An auto-graded Exit Ticket

Student lesson handout

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