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Escape T.V. Land! Boom Cards About Media Literacy and Equity

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Life Skills


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

Escape T.V. Land: A Unique Boom Card Teaching Resource

Escape T.V. Land is a unique Boom Card teaching resource, specifically designed for Grade 5-10 students. As one of the most powerful learning tools in today’s digital age, these dynamic cards offer students an extraordinary adventure into the world of media literacy and equity.

A Quest Through Television Screens

Guiding students on a quest through their television screens, Escape T.V Land aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of topics including racial and gender equity, body image, photo editing, as well as healthy vs unhealthy relationships among other essential life skills. The path is peppered with puzzles and tasks that need solving or completing to progress - from collecting letters and characters to form specific keywords such as Media! to answering questions about commercials or sports like tennis or surfing.

The Learning Experience
  • Sensitive Topics Covered: Despite its digital nature, this educational tool covers key subjects often overlooked by traditional books and lectures.
  • Promoting Critical Conversations: By using this interactive medium to shine light upon sensitive topics - such as media literacy around racial representation - it actively engages young learners in critical conversations within an enjoyable context.


Using Escape T.V Land couldn’t be any easier – just download the PDF associated with this product for instant access on your choice of device; including modern browsers like Chrome, Safari Firefox or Edge along with available apps for Androids iPads iPhones Kindle Fires too due to compatibility with Boom Cards technology.

Innovative Use Cases
  1. In Class Lessons: Ready at a moment's notice for whole group lessons in class.
  2. Smaller Focus Groups: Provides value within smaller focus groups where deeper discussions could evolve around specific tasks given by each card presented during play.

This tool offers an excellent addition to any classroom library or homeschool setting thanks to its fun and engaging nature plus emphasis on topics crucial for young adults growing up in a heavily mediated society.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

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