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Fall Writing Prompts

An educational teaching resource from Socrates Lantern entitled Fall Writing Prompts downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

If you've struggled to find captivating writing activities for your Middle School students, don't worry—I've got you covered with these Writing Prompts: Fall featuring 58 task cards. This resource allows you to focus more on teaching and less on planning.

This comprehensive BUNDLE Writing Prompts: Fall comprises a variety of Fall-themed activities that are engaging and enjoyable. It includes posters defining four writing genres: Narrative, Expository, Descriptive, and Persuasive, along with task cards brimming with writing ideas. Additionally, there's a fun Thanksgiving-themed poster featuring a thoughtful turkey with the quote, "If this turkey could talk, what would he say?" Perfect for stimulating discussions or writing assignments.

Furthermore, within this Writing Prompts: Fall resource you'll discover story element story starters and graphic organizers designed to inspire creativity and facilitate collaborative group work.

As educators, we understand that writing can be time-consuming and challenging for both you and your students. However, this bundle streamlines everything, presenting you with a neatly organized package of activities to choose from, making your life as a teacher much easier.



· It’s essential to set the purpose for writing because it influences the decisions students make about style.

· Creative writing plays an important role in the development of


· Writing helps foster the imagination, artistic expression,  clear thinking, and identity.

· Graphic Organizers are visual tools that help children learn

    and understand better.


This is what’s Included: ◈

  ◈ Comprehensive lesson plans

  ◈ Posters for your bulletin board (4 writing genres)

  ◈ Pre-Writing Activities with story elements & graphic


  ◈ 58 task cards with these themes: National

    Grandparent’s Day,  National Dog Day, National Comic

    Book Day, Cake Day, Apple Day with Johnny Appleseed,

    Columbus Day, Pizza Day, Candy Day, Halloween,

    Dessert Day, Election Day, Veteran’s Day,

    Elizabeth Cody Stanton, Cake Day, Lewis and Clarke,

    Discovery of Antarctica, World Peace Day, Thanksgiving,

    Cake  Day., expository task cards, persuasive task card,

    narrative task cards,  descriptive task cards

  ◈ Blank task cards for you to write your own ideas

  ◈ If This Turkey Could Talk Activity with lesson plan.

  ◈ Final copy writing sheets

  ◈ Grading rubric


Personally, I loved teaching ELA to my students. Believe it or not, I enjoyed reading their papers, they were so creative. Some of the ideas that I used in this BUNDLE were actually from my 6th graders. It always amazed me to see the improvements they made from the beginning of the year, they amazed themselves too. I hope these activities are what you need to turn your students on to writing and the writing process…


This bundle can be used for:

✔ Middle School

✔ Upper Elementary
✔ Special Ed Classrooms


☼  Helping middle school teachers, like you, inspire students

    with activities that you don’t have to dream up yourselves.…☼



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