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Farmhouse Teacher Toolbox and Sterilite Labels

Farmhouse Teacher Toolbox and Sterilite Labels
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About This Product

Farmhouse Teacher Toolbox and Sterilite Labels

This set of labels is the perfect blend of charm, organization, and function for educators with a flair for farmhouse aesthetics, taking inspiration from home renovation expert Joanna Gaines. The simplistic allure of farmhouse chic is captured in a white shiplap backdrop embellished with pleasing watercolor greenery clip art.

Label Specifications:
  • Designed for application on both Teacher Toolbox and 8 1/2" x 11" Sterilite drawers
  • Included as editable Google Slides allowing teachers to personalize as per their unique organizational needs
  • Purchase includes immediate downloadable PDF files that can be printed repeatedly at no extra cost
  • Suitability:

    Suitable across different educational environments - from early learning hubs to higher education centers; beneficial in fostering an organized and pleasing classroom aesthetic that promotes a conducive learning environment.

    • The resource is flexible towards whole group scenarios fostering request engagement during setup processes - promoting thoughtful care about organizing materials effectively amongst learners.
    The resource also functions excellently in small group assignments where mutual assistance regarding efficient packing away resources post-use can be incentivised. It proves valuable even within the homeschool context helping maintain consistent order while presenting visually pleasing tool/material accessibility.
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What's Included

What you get:

- 1 EDITABLE Farmhouse Sterilise and Teacher Toolbox Labels (Google Slide)

- 1 PDF Farmhouse Sterilite and Teacher Toolbox Labels

Resource Tags

Farmhouse Teacher Toolbox Sterilite Labels Classroom Organization Aesthetic

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