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Financial Literacy Skills: Negotiation Skills Gr. 6-12+

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About This Product

Financial Literacy Skills: Negotiation Skills Gr. 6-12+

This teaching resource is an essential tool for educators aiming to teach financial literacy skills in a novel, engaging manner. But it's more than just about numbers; it also cultivates negotiation skills that can enhance students' purchasing power.

  • Ideal for grades 6 through 12
  • A chapter slice from the full lesson plan on Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills

What do students learn?

This resource empowers students to correctly interpret bank loans, understand credit card pitfalls, manage assets and debts effectively, and more. Here's what they get:

  • An understanding of income versus expenditure dynamics
  • Car ownership considerations such as maintenance costs and depreciation value
  • Taxation topics that can improve real-life budgeting skills
  • Global economics concepts and currency conversion made simple
  • Cryptocurrency subjects—a contemporary component in today's financial world

Innovative Teaching Approach!

The learning process includes fun activities like crossword puzzles and word searches along with comprehension quizzes—these interactive elements boost engagement levels!

A Multipurpose Teaching Resource!

This package is versatile! Whether you need materials for individual study sessions or group activities—at school or home—all resources are ready-to-print across twenty-nine PDF pages. *Note: This resource aligns with state standards based on Bloom's Taxonomy.*

What's Included

1 PDF with 29 ready to print pages

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