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Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills: Home & Car - Google Slides Gr. 6-12+ (SPED)

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About This Product

Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills: Home & Car

A comprehensive educational resource meant for Grade 6 to Grade 12 students. This Google Slides-based toolkit enables theoretical and practical learning, honing crucial real-world skills related to home and car ownership.

Main Components:

  • Theoretical Reading Passages
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Interactive Activities

The language used is learner-friendly and utilizes low vocabulary.

Pros of Google Slides Usage:

  1. Promotes distance learning as educators can share resources remotely,
  2. Detailed guides on how to use the platform methodically within classrooms,
  3. Included answer key for efficient student achievement assessment.
  4. .

This resource is suitable for different classroom situations - be it whole class instructions or small group discussions. It can also serve as individual homework assignments focusing on building money management skills.

Catering to Differentiated Instruction Techniques:

The resource has been designed with an embracing attitude towards differentiated instruction technique,this means despite unique cognitive abilities, all learners will find this tool beneficial due their differentiated instructional needs being fully met here rather than being left neglected.

Note: Compatibility with Google Classroom - Includes 26 Interactive Slides via one Google Slides link, content can be customised based on state standards alignment
Built on Bloom's Taxonomy Learning Principles

    P.S.: Preparing students pragmatically for the challenges adult life throws at them has never been easier!

What's Included

1 Google slides link with 26 interactive slides

Resource Tags

Google Classroom money management financial literacy reading passage life skills

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