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Fingerprint Flowers Roll and Draw Game and Writing Pages





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About This Product

This is a fun hands on project that involves a roll and draw game and writing activities. Fingerprint art is a popular and fun art activity for kids. Simply have your learner dip their finger or thumb in paint, or use a marker and press their finger where the fingerprint image is at, then have them play the roll and draw game. Kids may use the starter pages too! Great for brain breaks, early finishers, or art days. This is a no-prep and interactive drawing game that is simple to use and will result in unique drawings. Just grab a dice, blank paper, pencil and coloring tools and simply engage your students with this self-directed drawing activity. Students can play independently or with one another. 

What's Included

1 Fingerprint Flowers Roll and Draw Game Sheet.

2 Starter Drawing Pages.

2 Writing Pages.

For Personal and Educational Use Only.

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