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Following Directions Slide Deck for Special Ed

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Following Directions Slide Deck for Special Ed

An essential teaching resource targeted towards Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 students, particularly in Special Education. This interactive lesson focuses on fostering skills like following directions and counting, using various engaging activities.

Educators will find immense value in this activity deck as it delicately combines four diversified themes across 20 slides. Students are guided through concepts like:

  • One-step directions: Illustrated through twelve slides.
  • Two-step directions: Detailed out across eight slides.

Fostering Fundamental Skills & Enhancing Mental Acuity

The activities bolster basic skills like counting and one-to-one correspondence while enhancing comprehension and execution of single or multi-step orders. These skillsets comprehensively align with core academic standards for early education!

Versatile Teaching Resource for Varied Learning Contexts

This digital slide deck can be flexibly implemented according to educator requirements - group activities, individual centers or even distance learning modules adopting a virtual methodical approach can be fostered. It also opens up possibilities for homework assignments thus enabling the steady reinforcement of instruction at home.

This collection is compatible with Google Slides owing to its Microsoft PowerPoint file format extension. The compatibility endorses user-friendliness across digital platforms without compromising on accessibility or quality!
In Conclusion: Formative Assessments & Supplemental Practice Material

If you're looking ahead for formative assessments or just seeking extra practice materials to supplement your curriculum - this tool provides an exciting opportunity not only from an educator's standpoint but it enriches overall student engagement - paving way for holistic development!

What's Included

PowerPoint formatted for Google Slides too

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