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Fractions Unit: As If, Fractions

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Grade 2





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About This Product

As If, Fractions Unit

The As If, Fractions Unit is a teaching resource designed to inject fun and relevance into teaching fractions for second-grade students. This material cleverly combines mathematics with recognizable 90's themes to create an engaging learning environment.

Key Components and Activities

  • The resources consist of 5 days’ worth of activities focusing on partitioning shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths.

  • It utilizes real-world examples such as pizza toppings through graphing activity which makes learning more relatable and enjoyable.

  • The activities include meaningful independent practices that can be used for homework or after-class tasks – efficient ways of reinforcing learning.

Ease-of-use Features

  • An easy-to-follow layout that ensures planning lessons around this resource will be straightforward.

  • An optional room transformation feature is available: simply turn on some '90s background music for an extra touch of nostalgia!


No additional decorations are required but can add a bit more fun in the experience!

This product is in digital format: available as a PDF file type which makes downloading and printing simpler than ever before without any hassles.

In Summary...

To wrap up, As If Fractions unit promises both educators and young learners a math journey back in time with its unique blend: fractions within themed activities across the week that are quick, easy-to-understand, enriching in nature – all soaked generously in good old '90s nostalgia!


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