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French: Grammar- Tenses and Moods

French: Grammar- Tenses and Moods
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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

French: Grammar- Tenses and Moods Teaching Resource

A must-have educational tool to master the French language for students in 10th to 12th grade. This resource stands out due to its comprehensive coverage of French grammar.

Digital Package Contents:

  • Interactive PowerPoint Presentation: This is the centerpiece of the package, containing hyperlinks throughout the document for ease-of-use. Students can select a tense or mood directly from clickable boxes on the main slide, navigate through three levels of exercises, and quickly verify answers using a Vérifie tes réponses link.
  • .pdf versions: A .pdf version of the presentation (without hyperlinks) along with an instructional guide on how to maximize effectiveness during lessons are also included.

The resources thoroughly teach vital aspects like le présent et les verbes irréguliers, le futur antérieur et Le subjonctif passé,and more for an immersive experience in French grammar learning.

Versatility & Ease of Use:

This multi-format resource can be utilized during whole-group classes, small group sessions or as homework assignments. It fosters individual self-learning and paves way for mastering key areas including verbs tenses and moods. Note: The entire material is in French thus advanced proficiency is recommended.

Educational Gains:

Educators will find this hands-on resource beneficial while students get an interactive learning experience that boosts comprehension and acquisition of French language skills.

What's Included

A .zip file with:

- A Powerpoint Presentation

- A .pdf version of the presentation

- A .pdf file explaining how to use the presentation

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French grammar Tenses Moods Interactive learning Verbs

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