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French Verbs Like Ouvrir Conjugation Games - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

French Verbs Like Ouvir Conjugation Games - Rock, Paper, Scissors

This teaching resource is a perfect choice for educators looking to pair language learning with fun and interactive activities. Focusing on the conjugation of common irregular French verbs like Ouvrir, the resource employs the popular game 'rock-paper-scissors' or pierre-feuille-ciseaux in French.

The practice revolves around conjugating these verbs: boire (to drink), croire (to believe) and voir (to see). The students pair up for fast-paced rounds of pierre-feuille-ciseaux. Winners make their way across a dedicated game board by engaging with sentence prompts provided in French.

Tailored Approach and Usability

  • This activity can be tailored according to different proficiency levels as it allows for variation in verb tense making it viable from Grade 9 through 12 – even elementary execution depending on student aptitude.
  • The games come ready-to-use; laminated copies can serve prolonged usage multiplying it's practicality manifold.
  • Instructive English guidance renders this tool operable even when there's a substitute teacher onboard who may not speak French.

The packet includes individual versions focused on each verb - boire, croire, voir - along with an additional version combining all three verb forms enabling comprehensive revision prior to quizzes or tests.

Note:"Innovation fosters classroom enthusiasm that not only encourages participation but also boost retention rates due to captivating methodologies like these games – they are instrumental in placing textbook language use right into vibrant classrooms."

What's Included

6 PDFs

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