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GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Eden Rock’ by Charles Causley

GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Eden Rock’ by Charles Causley
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Poetry Lesson: 'Eden Rock' by Charles Causley

This teaching resource is primarily intended for Grade 9 to Grade 12 students and concentrates majorly on Language Arts, especially poetry. The material provides a comprehensive lesson around the evocative poem 'Eden Rock.', eliciting themes of nostalgia and exploring childhood memories.

The Lesson Plan Includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation with 20 instructively illustrated slides ready for instructional display.
  • A range of activities such as:
    • A starter activity to prime students towards the learning objectives.
    • Content-language-structure questions promoting a deeper understanding of the poem.
  • A writing task aimed at fostering higher-order thinking skills along with an extension task for further practice and enrichment.

This resource enables different teaching approaches fitting various scenarios such as whole class instruction or small group work. It also includes built-in homework assignments supporting home-based reinforcement, proven effective even in distance learning settings such as Google Meet lessons.

This Extraordinary Teaching Resource Offers:
    The convenience of an integrated plenary summarizing each module's lessons learned. A concise biography of author Charles Causley for more perspective about his works.
In conclusion, GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Eden Rock’ by Charles Causley offers versatility suitable not only for classroom-based learning but also distance education – making it ideal especially in situations demanding shifts in instructional methodologies.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 20 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

nostalgia childhood memories poetry lesson language arts comprehension

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