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Geometry Definitions + Formulas Word Wall

Geometry Definitions + Formulas Word Wall
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

This Geometry Definitions + Formulas Word Wall resource is what you need to teach Geometry!

If you are a high school math teacher, finding resources that best serve for your students is of the utmost importance! This is a Geometry Definitions + Formulas Word Wall that is filled with purposeful practice that your students can use right away.


This Word Wall is printed in bold and bright colors to stand out in your classroom. It consists of over 115 definitions and formulas.


Cards will include a title and a box at the bottom right-hand corner for a sheet number. The purpose of a sheet number is to help you direct students to a specific sheet. The purpose of the blank box is to give you the flexibility to rearrange sheets and number them however you’d like.


Some sheets will need to be combined because they are too big to fit on one sheet. An “incomplete” border indicates topic extends to multiple pages.

This Geometry Definitions + Formulas Word Wall is designed for high school students, however, it may be used by students in any grade. For a long lasting resource, after printing, I suggest laminating each one of the pages.

Additionally, after laminating, this resource may be used as posters, in math centers, or as guidance for individual work, or for group work.


The topics included are:

--Geometry Basics

--Logic & Reasoning

--Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


--Polygons & Quadrilaterals


--Right Triangles


--Perimeter & Area

--Volume & Surface Area



--Algebra Review


I hope you enjoy!


You can find more resources at my storefront here:


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What's Included

A 140 page printable PDF

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