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I Am Going To A Birthday Party! Social Skills Story and Activity

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

I Am Going To A Birthday Party! Social Skills Story and Activity

In navigating social events such as birthday parties, children often face various challenges. The 'I Am Going To A Birthday Party!' Social Skills Story and Activity provides a well-crafted solution for educators dealing with this common dilemma. This teaching resource is designed specifically to help students in kindergarten through 3rd grade who might experience anxiety or difficulty at birthday parties.

Birthday celebrations are assumed by many adults to be solely fun activities. Yet, young pupils with social learning difficulties can find these seemingly straightforward events both perplexing and stressful. For instance, students who struggle with sensory processing might be unsettled by a party's noise or lights. Others may have emotional difficulties that hinder them from patiently waiting their turn during games or cake-serving.

How Does This Product Address These Problems?

This product precisely addresses these problems – it breaks down information into understandable chunks using clear language, supporting the child in comprehending what is expected of them at such occasions. Explicit instruction about what happens at a birthday party, potential strategies for difficult moments, and acceptable behaviours specified through the guide can transform these gatherings from daunting experiences into successful ones.

Additional Features

  • The teaching resource couples its social story with follow-up activities and visual aids called Skill Builders;
  • This feature makes the material even more effective by reinforcing learned concepts immediately after teaching them.

Educational Package Details

  1. A real-photo-based social story;
  2. Twenty Birthday Party Scenario Cards providing realistic situations for role-play exercises;
  3. Additional Support Activity Suggestions: including recommended books, videos and articles for further study;
  4. 'Going To A Birthday Party Tips' page ensures that preparation comes full circle.

Benefits of the Product

The product delivers interactive worksheets formatted as PDFs suitable primarily for Life Skills lessons within Special Resources subjects. By implementing it either solo or in groups - like whole classroom instructions or small collaboration group assignments - educators can enhance their students' understanding of how to properly attend a birthday party with a universally beneficial and hands-on activity. The promise it holds is impressive, for it offers an opportunity to shape the fun event of birthday parties into practical teaching moments that can significantly improve children's lives.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 30 Pages

Social Story: Using real photos

Skill Builder 1: 20 Birthday Party Scenario Cards

Skill Builder 2: 1 Page of Support Activity Suggestions {book, video, article suggestions}

Skill Builder 3: 1 Page of Going To A Birthday Party Tips

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