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I Am Not Ashamed Sheet Music

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled I Am Not Ashamed Sheet Music downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

I Am Not Ashamed Sheet Music: A Valuable Educational Resource

Designed for grades 6 through 12, I Am Not Ashamed Sheet Music serves as an enriching educational resource both musically and spiritually. This praise and worship song is well-crafted for individuals of all ages to sing in harmony. It's simplicity still encapsulates deep elements, making it a perfect addition to church choir performances or worship team rehearsals.

Score Details

The tune efficiently incorporates a melody line paired with a full score, primarily built for intermediate piano players. Alongside piano notes, guitar chords are also provided making this resource widely accessible across instrumental disciplines.

A Unique Blend - Young & Adult Voices

What sets this sheet music apart is the creative blend of harmonies crafted uniquely for adult singers which effortlessly complement the straightforward melody line designed specifically for young voices. The combination results in an easily applicable song suitable for choirs or groups of variable sizes.

Piece Specifications & Cross-Curricular Relevance

  • Type: PDF Format
  • No. of pages: 8
  • Cross-curricular relevance: Integrates Life Studies and Art & Music subjects
  • Lyrical emphasis: Religious themes
Educational Settings Application

This versatile piece can be utilized during different settings including:

  1. Group activities: As part during music classes, club activities or choral assemblies.
  2. Individual assignments: As individually assigned homework pieces.
  3. Informal practice sessions: During off-curriculum times like lunch breaks or after school.

In Conclusion

I Am Not Ashamed Sheet Music equips educators with a resource that is easily adaptable to learners from grade 6 through 12. It pairs musical exploration with meaningful lyrical content supported by religious teachings. This two-pronged approach helps nurture musical education while offering a spiritual context encouraging student engagement across varying capability levels.

What's Included

PDF with 8 pages included.

Resource Tags

worship song choral music harmonies educational resource religious themes

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