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I can count by 5's to 100 and 120 on a hundreds chart

An educational teaching resource from Primary 206 Mix entitled I can count by 5's to 100 and 120 on a hundreds chart downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

I Can Count by 5's to 100 and 120 on a Hundreds Chart

Venture into the captivating realm of skip counting with the interactive worksheet titled 'I Can Count By 5’s to 100 or 120'. This resource offers young mathematicians an opportunity to familiarize themselves with both, a hundreds chart and a hundred-and-twenty chart. Beyond that, it provides them with an engaging platform where they can practice their skill of skip counting, all the way up to numbers such as one hundred - or even one hundred and twenty!

A proven method for rehearsing skip counting by fives involves using either of these charts filled with sequential digits from one to a hundred - or even up till one-hundred-and-twenty. This worksheet encourages students to discover numbers spaced five units apart, inviting them then to highlight these count-points.This pattern swiftly falls into place when they start focusing on digits like five, ten and fifteen among others.

This educational resource leads students through their task methodically:

  • Beginning from simple counting sequences within known bounds (K.CC.A.1 & K.CC.A.2)
  • Integrating relationship between counting whereas addition & subtraction (1.OA.C.5)
  • Moving towards reading and writing numerals while relating object counts(1.NBT.A.1 & C5)
  • Paving way towards enabling groups' member counts for up-to twenty objects (2.OA.C.3)
  • Promoting extensive gap-counting within thousand points limit(2.NBT.A2).
Note:This brings about gradual but noticeable escalation in complexity which allows children at different learning levels whether in Kindergarten or Grade 1&2,to participate effectively.

The product carries eight exhaustive PDF pages full of informative content suitable for immediate printing purposes - offering both blank as well as pre-highlighted versions of hundreds and hundred-and-twenty charts; meanwhile presenting separate variants where all illustrations are represented in black and white color tonespaces.

This worksheet flexibly accommodates various instructional designs - whether addressing a large classroom setup, a small focus group, or even serving as an engaging homework assignment! Theoretically, this versatile resource can be integrated into any educator’s maths curriculum while on subjects like Addition, Number familiarity and Place Value awareness. The 'I Can Count By 5's to 100 or 120' educational worksheet enlivens the realm of numerical skill-building for your learners unlocking them towards reaching their fullest mathematical potential.

What's Included

Eight PDF pages ready to print. Page 1 is a blank 100's chart for counting by 5's. Page 2 is a blank 120 chart for counting by 5's. Page 3 is a pre-highlighted 100's chart for counting by 5's. Page 4 is a pre-highlighted 120 chart for counting by 5's. Pages 5, 6, 7, and 8 follow the same pattern as pages 1-4 but in black and white.

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