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K-2 Responsibility SEL Lesson-No reading required! Plus a sorting activity and handouts

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About This Product

K-2 Responsibility SEL Lesson Overview

This valuable learning tool is not only geared toward kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade students, it also includes a sorting activity and handouts. Emphasizing the significant concept of responsibility, this tool aims to enhance social-emotional learning (SEL).

Detailed Features

  • An engaging 4 slide Google Slide presentation that guides students into understanding responsibilities they have at home, school or in their interactions with others.

  • A YouTube video link or alternatively an option for teachers to read books associated with responsibility. Options include I Just Forgot by Mercer Mayer, I'll Do It by Brian Moses and many more.

  • An exciting sorting activity featuring 24 colorful cards depicting diverse scenarios relating to responsible and irresponsible actions. This hands-on element allows for partner work or group activities.

Suggestive Measures

We recommend laminating the cards for durability - especially if intended for use across multiple rounds of learners.

Inclusive Advantage

A significant advantage is the incorporation of written helpers associated with nine different activities. Such insight serves kindergartners who do not yet possess robust reading skills.

The Power of Extension Handouts

Learners can apply their newly acquired knowledge from classifying action in extension handouts where they cross out irresponsible actions while color-filling those deemed responsible.This encourages understanding duty-fulfillment while promoting community interaction and cooperation.

Lasting Affirmations

The package includes a rewarding coloring page which portrays an illustration of students with the motivating affirmation "We can all be responsible."

Application of the K-2 Responsibility SEL Lesson

This dynamic resource is ideal for lesson plans related to social skills, social-emotional learning, and special education needs (SEN).

What's Included

A 4 slide presentation, a sorting activity with 24 cards, 2 extension handouts.

Resource Tags

responsibility social-emotional learning SEL lesson sorting activity handouts

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