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K-2 Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

K-2 Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets: A Comprehensive and Accessible Tool for Young Learners' Growth

The K-2 Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets are a valuable resource for teachers as well as homeschooling parents. Deliberately designed to engage kindergarten to 2nd grade students, these sheets focus on an array of vital facets in children's development. Areas include:

  • Emotional state
  • Social relationships
  • Academic progress, and
  • Racial or cultural identity recognition.

A Peek Inside the Worksheets:

This product comprises three double-sided PDF worksheets that fuse both special resources and life skills categories. Each sheet delineates unique developmental milestones that a child is expected to hit during their early schooling years. These milestones are tailored based on age and grade specificity. It provides insights about a student’s growth trajectory while also laying out actionable steps for educators or parents.

Ease of Comprehension:

The K-2 Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets, despite their in-depth approach, are designed in an easily understandable manner, providing simple yet detailed guidelines.

Possibilities of Implementation:This tool can be implemented across different modes such as whole group classes or small group sessions. They can even find applicability during one-on-one guidance meetings.
It can also be utilized as homework assignments consisting of both child-directed tasks and parent-guided activities. This feature helps foster parental involvement in the overall growth process.

In Conclusion:

The K-2 Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets provide teachers – whether from public schools or homeschool environments - with a comprehensive tool covering wide facets of early childhood development. It thereby aids in promoting every student's education at their pace and encourages parental engagement along the path.

What's Included

3 two sided PDFs.

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