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Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets

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Life Skills


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets

A significant teaching resource designed to guide educators and parents, focusing specifically on the behavioral, emotional, scholastic, and racial/cultural development of students in the 6th through 8th grades. Carefully prepared as potentially vital tools for those involved in shaping young minds.

In-Depth Information:

Each of these three two-page documents contain detailed sections describing developmental milestones related to various aspects of adolescence. They provide a wealth of comprehensive information regarding expected social growth and common emotional changes during middle school years.

In addition, they illuminate the academic progression during these pivotal years with information aligned with recognized educational standards.

Racial/Cultural Identity Development:

  • A unique segment dedicated to cultivating self-awareness and respect for diversity from a young age is included. This helps promote inclusivity while fostering understanding among students from different backgrounds.
Action Steps:
More than expectation details, specific action steps are provided for parents or guardians helping foster healthy growth these areas. These strategies can easily be incorporated into everyday routines both at home or school settings.
Versatility on Usage:

This resource can be used part of whole-group lessons or small-group sessions - both focused on providing insights concerning maturation and personal advancement respectively. It can serve as a valuable handout during parent-teacher conferences or as homework material intended for mindful participation by guardians in their child's developmental journey.

Note: The flexibility rendered due its Microsoft Word file type allows easy access across varied digital devices - making it suitable whether teachers are preparing lesson plans after hours or communicating progress with parents during meeting days!

Grade suitability:

These resources are an ideal fit for Grade 5, 6, 7, 8 and even extended to Grade 9. They fall under the 'Special Resources' category with a keen focus on life skill development.

What's Included

3 two page documents.

Resource Tags

Social-emotional development Behavioral milestones Emotional fluctuations Academic progression Racial/cultural identity

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