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3rd Through 5th Grade Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets

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Life Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Product Title: 3rd Through 5th Grade Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets

A robust teaching resource, the 3rd Through 5th Grade Social-Emotional Developmental Sheets offers essential support to educators striving to augment social-emotional learning in their students. Designed with versatility in mind, it readily complements a holistic approach encompassing various educational settings such as public schools and homely instruction.

This product comprises of:

  • Three two-sided PDFs
  • An abundance of informational content covering multifaceted aspects such as:
    • Social growth
    • Emotional maturity
    • Academic progression
    • Racial/cultural identity development for students in grades 3 -5.

"Each sheet also serves as a tangible guide for parents/guardians with action steps outlined within each category."

The flexibility of this product allows it to be suited for various activities including homework assignments or collective classroom activities promoting group interaction and shared learning experiences among peers or even one-on-one sessions.

Necessity in Life Skills curriculum providing an Interdisciplinary approach:

    This resource comfortably slots into Life Skills curriculum focusing on:
    Socially focused nature - valuable not only for school educators but equally beneficial home-school teachers too.
    (Focus on developing children's emotional intelligence)

    Action-oriented approach - Interspersed throughout each sheet are hands-on practical exercises moving towards comprehensive child development during pivotal stages from third grade through fifth grade years. (Addressing the modern pedagogic approach)
    (Serving the needs of an empathic society)

What's Included

3 two-sided PDFs.

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social-emotional learning developmental support educational resource academic progression parental involvement

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