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Kind Feet Social Story

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Social Skills



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About This Product

Kind Feet Social Story: An Astute Teaching Resource

The product pitched here is the Kind Feet Social Story, a potent teaching resource that adeptly harnesses the power of storytelling. Its forte is enlightening children about imperative social skills, proving successful particularly with kids challenged by discerning conventional social cues, such as those on the autism spectrum. However, its universal application holds appeal for any child dealing with confusion or trepidation over particular situations or concepts.

Social Education through Empathetic Communication

The crux of this story revolves around children who might have been unkind towards others through their actions, more precisely by using their feet. It communicates both sympathetically and lucidly about how our feet can be used either to perform kind acts or thoughtless ones that end up hurting others.

  • Emphasis on Appropriate Behaviour: Outlines desirable action li>
  • Potential Consequences: Spells out implications if children engage in damaging activities li> Sustenance Through Repetition

    An indispensable factor amplifying this resource's effectiveness lies in its repetitive use; alternating reading helps solidify essential points related to kindness and consideration for others. To support longevity within a learning environment, it's advisable to laminate these pages or secure them into a display book for multiple uses over time.

    Packed with Captivating Clipart Images

    This 12-page PDF file comes packed full of compelling and educationally relevant clipart images thanks to Kari Bolt—adding dimensions of appeal while ensuring engagement doesn't drop during learning sessions.

    Cross-Grade Adaptability & Special Resources Compatibility
    Designed without grade specificity makes it uniquely adaptable across various age groups; moreover it fits ideally within special resources subjects focusing especially on social skills development lessons - useful for individual or group settings alike. Empathy-Based Behavioral Growth
    Proceed with confidence knowing that your instruction toolkit harbors solid materials like the Kind Feet Social Story which steers students toward empathy-based behavioral growth while eliminating confusion and fear surrounding normally daunting socio-emotional scenarios.
  • What's Included

    Contains a 12 page PDF social story

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