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Scratching Social Story

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Title: Scratching Social Story

This teaching resource, the Scratching Social Story, is an invaluable tool for educators looking to employ a patient, reassuring approach in imparting wisdom about social situations. This resource holds significant value especially for children on the autism spectrum who may have difficulty interpreting social cues or experience anxiety about uncertain situations. However, it possesses universal application — it can provide valuable understanding to any child grappling with a perplexing event, concept or needs assistance comprehending a social skill.

The focus of this particular social story centers around children who have been scratching others. Learners gain an understanding through its pages that such behavior hurts others and is inappropriate. The methodology works best when used consistently; therefore educators are advised to consider housing the pages in a display book or laminating them for durability.

  • The Scratching Social Story spans 11 comprehensive PDF pages filled with captivating Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt which act as visual supplements to drive home the important message within its covers - creating lasting impression in students' minds.
  • This resource isn't confined within classroom walls; it makes an excellent self-study material at home as well and provides parents who homeschool their kids an effective way to reinforce good manners and responsible behavior among their youngsters.

The relevance of this resource transcends grade level specifications; hence making it suitable across different education stages. Furthermore, underpinning all subjects lies tenets of good behavior thus making this resource applicable across diverse disciplines but most notably exceptional for special resources, specifically instrumental in bolstering learners' social skills.

'Whether you choose to utilize this teaching aid during whole group sessions inspiring collective interaction and open discussions on behavioral issues or prefer deploying it during small group teaching focusing on individuals needing specific attention or even assigning as homework enabling reinforcement at home - you can always rely on this versatile tool: The Scratching Social Story!

What's Included

Includes an 11 page PDF social story

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