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Aller faire du shopping

Aller faire du shopping
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About This Product

Aller Faire du Shopping: A Comprehensive French Lesson on Grocery Shopping

The 'Aller faire du shopping' is a pedagogic resource specifically designed for educators who aim to effectively teach their students about grocery shopping related conversations in French. Targeted at all age groups, this lesson plan is not specific to any particular grade, hence making it far-reaching and versatile across several learning levels.

Key Features:
  • Centered around the everyday task of supermarket shopping in a French-speaking environment
  • Incorporates numerous aspects of practical language learning strategies.
  • Primary focus on introducing quantities and containers typically used during grocery buying scenarios.
  • Promotes better retention and simplifies understanding drills being presented via visually engaging slides.
Aller Faire du Shopping employs color-coded vocabulary that maintains an enjoyable ambiance within the classroom or homeschool setting alike. Instructors can seamlessly blend practice drills with newly introduced words using these captivating slides.

This resource's core strength stems from its ability to not only introducing new vocabulary but also facilitating its active application through participation in realistic situations that encourage open-ended conversations related to one's grocery list. Thus serving as an exemplary example of combining theory with hands-on application.


By lesson's end, students should be capable of engaging freely in discussions concerning their shopping endeavors thus employing the acquired vocabulary actively during spontaneous interactions geared towards successful language acquisition.

While Allez Faire Du Shopping remains copyright protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act - usage extends solely within a single classroom setting without redistribution rights; special permissions may be gained upon request respectfully adhering guidelines set down by copyright laws. Benefits:
  • Aids linguistic advancement via vocabulary assimilation and grammar skills.
  • Boosts confidence while dealing with real-life situations in a Francophone backdrop.

Through its substantial yet engaging learning experience delivery, this lesson plan serves as both a comprehensive and dynamic teaching resource for French educators worldwide.

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