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Lesson 7: "Persistence" Complete Bundle

An educational teaching resource from Ethics4Schools entitled Lesson 7: "Persistence" Complete Bundle downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Life Skills

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About This Product

The Persistence Complete Bundle: An Overview

The Persistence Complete Bundle is an enriching educational resource that emphasizes the concept of tenacity and perseverance. Suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 5 students, it offers comprehensive instructions designed to instill resilience and determination.

About 'Persistence' Complete Bundle

  • An all-inclusive module drawn from Stop Think Choose Character Education Book by Ethics4school.
  • Includes engaging narratives and interactive songs available in both MP3 and MP4 formats.
  • Incorporates art-related activities that consolidate learning while fostering creativity.
  • Offers reproducible materials easing implementation in various classroom settings - whole group instruction, small groups or individual assignments.

Alignment with Education Standards

This instructional resource aligns with the American School Counselor Association's objectives as well as Mindsets and Behaviors: Program Planning Tool guideposts. Its core idea lies in guiding students to proactively address adversities, identify goals, and stay motivated despite challenges.

Focusing on Life Skills Education

This teaching tool targets the Special Resources subject area with a keen focus on life skills category. While it serves as a full-fledged lesson plan on its own, teachers have flexibility to customize discussions according to classroom size or student requirements.

Versatile File Formats Included
    The bundle includes multiple file types providing compatibility across different device applications used by educators when implementing this extensive package.
Brief Summary:

In conclusion,'Persistence' Complete Bundle stands out as an indispensable teaching aid that delivers effective character education strategies for both public school teachers as well as homeschooling parents interested in enhancing their children's life skills.

What's Included

Module 7 of "Stop, Think, Choose" Character Education Book

- Persistence.pdf lesson plan

- Persistence.MP4: music video in full sing and karaoke versions

- Persistence.MP3: song in full sing and karaoke versions

- Reproducible Art + Activities

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persistence character education resilience determination educational resource

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