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Lesson 8: "Shyness" Complete Bundle

An educational teaching resource from Ethics4Schools entitled Lesson 8: "Shyness" Complete Bundle downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product


The Lesson 8: Shyness Complete Bundle is a comprehensive teaching resource designed primarily for educators working with students from kindergarten through to the fifth grade. This bundle serves as a versatile tool in tackling routine educational challenges, having been drawn from the Stop Think Choose Character Education Book module on 'Shyness.'

Main Objective

The centerpiece of this product revolves around helping children overcome shyness and build positive friendships. The content is available in various forms such as an engaging story, poem, interactive activities, and thoughtful assessment questions.

This variety ensures:

  • Versatility in usage - suitable for group lessons within class time, smaller group sessions for targeted learning or individual assignments for homework.
  • Creativity – includes art activities alongside narrative elements which help foster both cognitive and artistic abilities of young learners.


The bundle includes unique features like music videos and songs - full sing-and karaoke versions that underline key concepts highlighted in the lesson plan. Aptly titled 'The Friends Song,' this fun musical resource makes learning more enjoyable.

In line With National Standards

This complete package also aligns directly with American School Counselor Association's objectives and Mindsets and Behaviors: Program Planning Tool's crucial guidelines.

  • This supports elementary school kids' successful socialization journey hence matching national standards set out by professional bodies too.

    What's Included

    Module 8 of "Stop, Think, Choose" Character Education Book

    - Shyness.pdf lesson plan

    - The Friends Song.MP4: music video in full sing and karaoke versions

    - The Friends Song.MP3: song in full sing and karaoke versions

    - Reproducible Art + Activities

    Resource Tags

    shyness friendships social skills character education creative learning

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