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Let's Learn About Allyship! Boom Cards-With Audio-An Anti-Racist Activity

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About This Product

Let's Learn About Allyship! Boom Cards - With Audio - An Anti-Racist Activity

The Let's Learn About Allyship! teaching resource is a dynamic and engaging approach to educating students on essential societal topics. This digital activity deck is designed to instruct learners about the fundamental components of allyship, as well as how to get involved.

Within the cards, four critical aspects take center stage;

  • Asking questions
  • Listening & learning
  • Showing up
  • [and] Speaking out.

A narrative followed by an exploration allowing students to comprehend these facets of allyship complements each card. Additionally, eight task cards offering practical examples are also included for further understanding. This encourages meaningful dialogues surrounding privilege and anti-racism.

This tool is not only wide-ranging in its applicability but also requires no reading ability due as it offers audio support making it ideal even for younger learners in Kindergarten through Grade 5 who might still be developing reading skills.

Educators can apply this aid into their syllabus flexibly such as:

  1. In a classroom setting pausing at intervals for discussions allowing sharing different perspectives or assigning it as preparatory material before a dedicated session on allyship and privilege.
  2. Creatively in pair or group work leading to peer-to-peer learning.

Digital Convenience:

  • The deck operates seamlessly on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari Firefox and Edge) along with Android devices, iPads iPhones and Kindle Fires through apps wherever internet connectivity exists enhancing access at both school or home.
  • For security reasons, adults have control over accessibility using 'Fast Pins' hence they provide instant feedback—vital element in self-assessment tasks.
  • If you're newly embarking on using Boom Learning, an opportunity to avail of a free trial of premium account that enables monitoring student progress providing insightful data about learner output awaits your initiation.

This versatile teaching resource falls under the special resources category and adds value to classroom pedagogy by simplifying the learning of complex concepts. The product is organized as Boom Cards.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

Resource Tags

Allyship Anti-racism Social justice Privilege awareness Digital learning

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