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Let's Learn About Allyship! Boom Cards-With Audio-An Anti-Racist Activity

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About This Product

In this Boom Deck, students will learn about allyship and how to be an ally. They will learn about the 4 key parts of allyship; 1. Ask Questions, 2. Listen & Learn, 3. Show Up, and 4. Speak Out. They will learn about these concepts from a story, an analysis of the story afterward, and how the story showed all 4 parts of allyship. They will learn more about the parts of allyship with examples from 8 task cards. This deck is suitable for all ages. There is audio on all of the cards so there is no reading required. This deck will open up some rich discussions around being an ally, privilege, and other anti-racist concepts. You could use this Boom Deck as a whole class and pause for discussions, you could assign this as homework before a lesson on allyship and privilege, or have students work in partners or in groups.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded in the image.

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